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Electroencephalogram (EEG)

1.    What is an EEG?

EEG stands for Electroencephalography. This is a recording of your brain waves (the electrical activity of your brain). During an EEG test, electrodes pick up the brains electrical impulses and carry them to the computer where their pattern is recorded as waves. The EEG gives information about the brain that is useful to your doctor in making a diagnosis in several different conditions. It is the only test that can produce this sort of information.

2.    Why have an EEG test?

EEG can provide your doctor with valuable clues to diagnose or monitor the following health conditions:

3.    What should I do before the EEG test?

4.    What happens during EEG test?

5.    What happens after the EEG test?

6.    How will the results of this test assist my consultant?

7.    What are the consequences of not having an EEG?

8.    Are there any alternative ways of getting the same information that an EEG provides?

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