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Our Mission Statement and Core Values prominently displayed inside our Inn
Our Mission Statement and Core Values prominently displayed at D'Inn

Mission Statement
Promoting healing solutions
for the problems of
everyday living, through
a network of professional



Our Core Values


The Inn

Inside the Inn, classic works of art grace our walls. We like to think of our compound as good not only for the body but the mind as well. Below are some of the displayed works.

CVA Limited
The Venus de Milo

The Venus de Milo is located in a museum called the Louvre in Paris.

Venus de Milo (a statue of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty)

Her image captured in stone and oil, and now magnetic media, is among the most widely admired in the world.

One of the most famous statues, the Venus de Milo is over 2,000 years old. The Venus de Milo is larger than life and is made in two parts, which join together unnoticed at the clothing line.


The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

Serene. Beautiful. Untouchable. All of these words can be used to describe the subject of Leonardo Da Vinci's best known painting, "The Mona Lisa".

Ever since Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa, people have been talking about her smile. No one knows for sure who this lady was. Or, why she is smiling. And, no matter where you stand to look at her, she is always looking right at you. Try it out here. Move from side to side while looking at her eyes; she sees everything.

The original painting of the Mona Lisa hangs in a museum called the Louvre, in France.

Winged Victory of Samothrace

2nd or 3rd centure B.C. - Located at the Louvre, Paris

At the head of the great marble staircase leading ot the upper galleries of The Louvre in Paris, this statue stands as though it had just put down from flight. The draped garment clings to the body as though it were wet. The cloak wich is slipping from the shoulders billows out behind the figure and wraps around the legs. The body is thrust forward by the force of the powerful wings.

Like the Venus de Milo, the statue Wings of Victory was found on an island in the Aegean Sea during the nineteenth century when nations became particularly conscious of collecting great works of art.

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Our History
In 1997, Cardiovascular Associates Ltd established Doctors’ Inn at Corner Oxford and Henry Streets, Port of Spain.





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